Liverpool Should Not Underestimate The Quality Of Leicester City

The Manchester United midfielder, Juan Mata, claiming to want to forget bad moments when it meets Chelsea in the sixth round of the FA Cup in the stadium, Stamford Bridge, London, Saturday (11/3/2017).
Manchester United’s pitch into the sixth round of the FA Cup, after beating Blackburn Rovers 2-1 at Ewood Park Stadium, Sunday (19/2/2017). In that game, Manchester United had left first late goal Danny Graham at the 17th minute. However, Jose Mourinho‘s team was finally able to reverse the position through the creation of MarcusRashford (27 ‘) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (75 ‘).
When leaving Ewood Park, we know the next opponent was Chelsea. It we can from social media. Without the need to be made clear again, that game is going to beanother game that is special for me, “said Mata.Placeholder Image
“I ibaratkan laga later like a complicated relationship. However, we will go there with a great motivation to grab a ticket to the final game at Wembley and forget about the bad taste of last visit to Stamford Bridge, “said.
On the other hand, Juan Mata has bad memories when Chelsea meet at Stamford Bridge, London, 23 October 2016. Manchester United suffered a disastrous defeat recorded 0-4 of the team‘s Antonio Conte.
Success arsenal a 2-0 victory over Sutton United in the fifth round of the FA Cup, atGander Green Lane, Friday (20/2/2017). As a result, Cannon of London reserves the right to advance to the next stage.
Performing at the headquarters of the opponent, not to make Arsenal a nervous. Arsene Wenger‘s team was several times mengacam line of Defense Sutton United during the 20-minute game rolling.
The desired goal ever created at the 26th minute through action Lucas Perez. Receive feedback Granite Xhaka, the player successfully break down the goal keeper Sutton United, Ross Worner.
Despite winning, Arsenal did not relax the attacks. However, a variety of opportunities that come by Theo Walcott and his friends not to yield positive results. Score 1-0survived up to pause.
Entering the second half, Arsenal immediately took the initiative to attack. That effort fruited sweet after Theo Walcott success advantage on 55 minutes, after the bait ball from Alex Iwobi.
Arsenal continued to perform sporadically attack to enlarge the advantage. However, until the whistle length reads there is no longer a goal. As a result, score 2-0 for Arsenal stay afloat until the match is over.Placeholder Image
Liverpool Defender Joel Matip, stated, his team should be showing the best performance against Leicester City, in the stadium of the King Power, the action on the 26thweek of the Premier League season 2016-2017, Monday (27/2/2017). According to him, Leicester City was opposed to the weight.
Last season was fantastic for Leicester, but they’re more trouble this season,” saidMatip, as reported by the Liverpool Echo.
“They may face more pressure and everyone had a different look about them. They are facing difficulties, but has a quality team. It will be a difficult game, “he said.
Unpredictably, Leicester City managed to find their Premier League trophy in 2015-2016. However, ironically, foster care Claudio Ranieri and fell to 17th-ranked standings this season.
Leicester showed its quality when the club won the League and most of the playersare still there. We should show everything for victory, “said Matip.
Central Liverpool struggled to earn a ticket to the Champions League season 20172018. The Reds occupy fifth position while the Premier League standings with 49 points or lagging behind a number of Arsenal who are in position four.

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