Arsene Wenger: I Feel Nauseous Every Arsenal Lost

Manchester United reached the FA Cup quarter-final this season, after getting rid ofBlackburn Rovers in the fifth round game at Ewood Park, Sunday (19/2/2017). These results make THEE a chance to defend the title.


Playing at home, The Red Devils appeared pressed since the ball is rolled out. Based on statistics at the FA‘s official website, MU record 66 percent possession against the 35 percent that written Blackburn.


But in terms of gaining better odds, Blackburn rather than Manchester United. Jose Mourinho‘s Club that has only three excellent opportunities of 13 shots, while Blackburn releasing eight Spurn and six leading to the goal.


The goal of YOURS ever conceded first in the 17th minute. The ball Danny Graham from Spurn results in the penalty box was cleared by goalkeeper failed the second Red Devil, Sergio Romero.


Lagging behind one goal does not make Manchester United surrender. The Red Devils scored two goals while locking up the victory by a score of 2-1. A pair of goals in the MU printed Marcus Rashfrod the 27th minute and Zlatan Ibrahimovic 75 minutes.


These results make Manchester United qualified for the FA Cup quarter-final and will face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on March 11, 2017. The Blues Waltz over to eight big round after getting rid of the Wolves by a score of 2-0.


Qualify for the quarter-final, MU still could find their FA Cup trophy this season. If success came out as the winner, Manchester United will grab the title of champions intwo seasons.


The following seven interesting facts after Manchester United qualified for the FA Cup quarter-final:


1. Conceded one goal when meets Blackburn Rovers make Sergio Romero failed toextend the positive trends alongside Manchester United. Argentina national team goalie before being able to record clean sheets in their past six games together.


2. Marcus Rashford has scored four goals in six appearances last along with Manchester United in the FA Cup.


3. Four of the five assists Henrikh Mkhitaryan alongside Manchester United in this season of domination in the tournament, that is, one in the FA Cup and League Cup,three in the United Kingdom.


4. The collection goals Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the tournament the more complete. The reason, he managed to score a goal in the FA Cup, the Coppa Italy, Copa del Rey,and the Coupe de France.


5. Five assists Paul Pogba alongside Manchester United in this season are all converted into a goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


6. the most frequent Players scoring made Manchester United since the start of last season in all competitions, multi-sport, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (24 goals), Anthony Martial (24 goals) and Wayne Rooney (20 goals).


7. Manchester United won seven victories in the last nine matches against Chelsea in the FA Cup. Two of those defeats occurred in the 2007 FA Cup final and the FA Cup sixth round of 2013.


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, confessed that he suffered any his team suffereddefeat. Wenger tells if he ever felt nausea when first time swallows defeat as Manager.


Arsene Wenger stepped Central spotlight after her future together Arsenal into the spotlight. Urge supporters to the Club to end the cooperation with middle management discussed Wenger Arsenal.


Wenger himself has stated that he could still handle the Club for four more years. Origin of the France Manager insisted there are still clubs that want them if Arsenal management decided not to extend his contract.


Managers who are familiar is called The Professor admitted that if she could not describe the perasaanya every Arsenal achieve negative results. Wenger tells if he ever to feel nausea and vomiting when first time swallows defeat as Manager while still addressing the Club France, Nancy-Lorraine.


“I was a boxer, if not I would not be at Arsenal for a long time. I never listen to the comments from outside the Club, I just hope to myself to improve this team. I reallyhate the defeat and I have always been committed to resisting the pressure that came to me.


“Every defeat is a difficult thing. I can never describe what I felt when we swallow defeat. When I first time swallows defeat as Manager, I immediately throw up. When you’re young or old, defeat remains the defeat. This time, I grew to feel hurt if it suffered a defeat in a match, “said Wenger.
At the moment, Arsenal preparing live match against Sutton United in the fifth round of the FA Cup. Sutton United who is the Club’s fifth caste in United Kingdom football competition could bring a surprise to Arsenal.
The game will take place at home to Sutton, Gander Green Lane, which has a capacity of only 5000 spectators. If it is able to pass through Sutton United, Arsenal will advance to the quarterfinals and faced with Lincoln City who successfully get rid of thePremier League club, Burnley.

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