Lucas Perez Intends To Leave Arsenal

Liverpool owner John Henry, preached Calciomercato, Monday (20/2/2017), the Middle being in the Camp Nou is the home of Barcelona. The existence of Henry in Barcelona are believed to discuss the transfer of Philippe Coutinho to the Catalan club.
Rumours about Barcelona who want to hook the Philippe Coutinho already sticking out since the opening of the Exchange, 2016 summer transfer. As a result, Liverpoolimmediately take action by extending the contract of the player until June 30, 2022.
However, it does not undo the intention to bring Philippe Coutinho out of the United Kingdom. The Club‘s Luis Enrique such votes will produce large funds to hook the player.
Meanwhile, Liverpool recorded a couple of times it got melego the players who have already signed the contract later. Call it like Luis Suarez who migrated to Barcelona per 11 July 2014, having previously earned a new deal at Anfield.
Gelagat of Henry indicates if Philippe Coutinho will have a similar fate. That assumption was Jamie Carragher that Liverpool had the bad tradition of judging in the matter of retaining players.309
“A lot of players in the past who have signed a contract at Liverpool, major decidedto proceed from Anfield,” said Carragher Calciomercato was quoted as saying.
Philippe Coutinho came to Liverpool from Inter Milan on January 30, 2013. For five seasons in the United Kingdom, the player that capable of Brazil had 34 goals and 35assists from 168 appearances in all competitions.
Arsenal meets a magical team, Lincoln City in the FA Cup SIXTH Round 2016-2017, Saturday (11/3/2017) future. Arsenal advanced to the quarterfinals phase subvertingSutton United 2-0, at Gander Green Lane, Friday (20/2/2017) or Wednesday (21/2/2017) early morning GMT.
Two goals in the victory over Arsenal was born via action Lucas Pérez on the 26th minute and Theo Walcott (55 ‘). Achievement of the Arsenal made the remaining one slot which would supplement the eight teams in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup this season. Huddersfield Town and Manchester City competing for the remaining rations, early one day.
For Arsenal, success meets Lincoln City bodes good. At the very least, step into the semi-finals was not too difficult. All of it comes from the calculation of the strength of the players, a tub of Earth and sky.
This time Arsenal were in the highest tier football competition in the realm of England, while Lincoln City clashed 105 rank below Arsenal. Such situations make up thehuge Arsenal have easily escaped into the big four.
Arsenal reserves the large ambitions have, however Lincoln City pleaded not to fear.Manager of Lincoln City, Danny Cowley asserts, the son of asuhnya getting excitedwhen it meets the big teams, especially those from the caste of the Premier League.
As the Club‘s official website, released Cowley sure performance asuhnya children would increasingly craze when meets Arsenal. He realized, are matter, nobody doubts the quality of Arsenal is much higher.
But remember, our trip has been very much, and this is a mission that must be finished. We stayed a few steps more to the FA Cup final, and it’s been a dream of all people who are in the city of Lincoln. I’m sure we can get past Arsenal, “stated Cowley.
Lincoln became a surprise team in the FA Cup this season. They print the history as the first team of origin is non-League that could go into the quarterfinals of the fA Cup, after 103 years ago. Lincoln reaching the big 8 after dramatic win from team Premier League, Burnley, at Turf Moor.
Lincoln City, who come from Five League Division United Kingdom stepped into thequarterfinals after going through a series of surprises. Prior to subvert Burnley, theygrind the Brighton & Hove Albion (3-1), Ipswich Town (1-0), Oldham Athletic (3-2) and Altrincham (2-1).
Now, the public awaits them if they are able to carry on their surprise step when meets Arsenal, next month.
Agents from Lucas Perez Fernandez Lovelle, revealing the conditions experienced by the middle of his clients at Arsenal. Lovelle confessed to Perez are planning to leave because it feels less get the opportunity to play from Arsene Wenger.
In fact, Lucas wants to go from here. He was not happy at Arsenal. He could not get a guarantee to play, though he has shown what he can do for this team, “said Lovelle.
No matter with a manager who will deal with the team in the future, we intend to go. Each player needs to be given a chance to play, “continued the agent.
Lucas Perez joined The Gunners after Deportivo La Coruna from were carried off with around 17 million pounds ($ 282.98 billion) on stock transfer of the summer of 2016. Spain midfielder was tied up a contract until June 30, 2020.
Until February 2017, Lucas Perez recently appeared 19 times in a variety of event. He lost to compete with Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez who was more often relegated Manager Arsene Wenger as the team spearhead.
The condition was exacerbated by Danny Welbeck‘s return to a more prioritized to occupy the front sector by Arsene Wenger. That situation makes the player think about the anniversary of his future at the Emirates Stadium.
Lucas Perez shaped the meritorious deliver penetrating the quarterfinals Arsenal FA Cup after Arsenal’s advantage in the opening match against Sutton United (20/2/2017). In the game, Arsenal won with a final score of 2-0. In the quarterfinals, Arsenalwill compete against clubs from other fifth caste competition, Lincoln City.

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