Absent in European competitions, Hazard Optimistic Bring Chelsea Champion

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, is optimistic his team would perform as champions of Premier League 2016-2017. The reason, The Blues have a lot of time off due to not display in European competition.


Last season Chelsea ended the season ranked tenth Premier League standings. The Blues collect 50 points from 38 matches. Those results made The Londoners failed to get a ticket to play in European competition.


This season, The Blues for a while are at the top the standings while Premier League2016-2017 with 31 points. Army crime Antonio Conte one superior numbers from Liverpool who occupies the second position.


“We have a week to prepare. On weekends, we know what to do when we play, “said Hazard.


Last season, we only had time to recover. So, we are always ready to face ever. Weconcentrate to analyse the game and opponents marshaled the best ability when the match, he added.


Chelsea plucked victory 2-1 against Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (26/12/2016). The two goals The Blues created David Luiz and Pedro Rodriguez.


“We have a lot of menganilisis video game opponent in the middle of the week. Alldepends on the opponent we face. We can do many things in preparation, “said Hazard.


Chelsea face a tough opponent at the weekend Premier League 2016-2017. The Londoners into the headquarters of Manchester City, Etihad Stadium, Saturday (3/12/2016).


Liverpool will face Leeds United in the League Cup quarter-final match of the United Kingdom at the Anfield Stadium on Tuesday (29/11/1999). Being in condition onfireand played a home fixture, The Reds a chance to win and qualify for the semifinals.


Liverpool have never swallowed defeat from 14 the last match in the entire pageantcompetition, with details of the 11 victories and three draw. In the last game, foster care Jurgen Klopp is capable of silencing Sunderland 2-0 in the Premier League, Saturday (26/11/1999).


In addition, The Red squads also records a resounding result when playing at Anfield Stadium. Of the four previous matches at Anfield, Liverpool wiped out the victory,and scored 12 goals and conceded three goals.


Armed with a good trend that, Liverpool target victory cons Leeds United. If managed to stifle Leeds, The Reds would qualify for the semi-finals and a chance to grab the title of the eighth United Kingdom League Cup.


Even so, Jurgen Klopp remind asuhnya not to look at The strength of the eye next to the Peacocks. Moreover, the opponents are also central in the best performance.


Leeds are in a good moment, they were the football team. They will hit us. We have to work hard, there is no other alternative. The players should be in a condition fit to face up to this game, “said Klopp.


Leeds United are indeed not the opponent could be underestimated. The Club has ever grabbed three League title United Kingdom it just swallowed one defeat from the last seven games.


In addition, Leeds also had a number of players capable of berahaya troublesome rearguard Liverpool, one of them is Chris Wood. The 24 year old bomber has scored 12 goals in 21 matches in the entire pageant competition this season.


“We want to win, we’re going to face every game with the mentality and confidenceif we can win and a match against Liverpool is not different at all,” said the Manager of Leeds United, Gary Monk.


“When you get to this stage in the competition, everything can happen. This duel will be a test of the really good stuff, no matter what happens it will be a great experience, “he explained.


So far, Liverpool and Leeds United have been 93 times met throughout the event. From 93 matches, The Reds find their dominance with 49 victories, while Leeds with 22 WINS, and 22 matches the rest of the Rangers.

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