Chelsea Are More Benefited When Manchester City Face

Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure, Chelsea will assess more benefits in the face of The Citizens on the follow-up action in the Premier League, Etihad Stadium, Saturday (3/2/2016).
This will be a difficult match. They (Chelsea) clearly have the advantage. It is very difficult to play in the middle of last week back playing the game at the end of pekannya, “said Yaya Toure.
This season, Chelsea did not compete in the European tournament, while Manchester City struggled in the Champions League. Yaya Toure else judging Chelsea have more time to prepare for the match because his schedule is pretty loose.
Sometimes with the European tournament schedule we played on Wednesday, the same as this week, then come back to play on Saturday. It is very difficult to be able to concentrate the face of actionaction like this. You have to prepare it properly, “she added.303
Until the 13th week, Chelsea are at the top of the table while the Premier League with 31 points, or superior single digits from Manchester City which finished second.
The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, is reportedly The Sun on Tuesday(29/11/1999), interested brought midfielder John Obi Mikel, Chelsea, on stock transfers January 2017.
The plan, he brought John Obi Mikel is known for newly acquired midfield Manchester United. The presence of the Nigerian players were also later can push Paul Pogba to slightly forward so that it could improve his performance.
This season, John Obi Mikel is indeed going through a difficult situation together. Under the tutelage of Manager Antonio Conte, John Obi Mikel has never played.
The news that circulated to call Conte was disappointed with the commitment of the players who prefer to defend Nigeria‘s national football team U-23 Olympic Games Rio 2016, rather than following the tour of pramusim. It became a signal if the 29-year-old player‘s services were no longer required at Stamford Bridge.
The situation also has made John Obi Mikel sultry. Players who have already strengthened Chelsea since 2006 it had said it would make a decision to question his destiny in January 2017.
For John Obi Mikel, Mourinho is certainly not unfamiliar figure. The cause, The Special One-the one who purchased the 188 cm berpostur cast it to Chelsea.
Of a total of 10 managers who coached John Obi Mikel, Mourinho became the mostoften give a chance to play. Along with Mourinho, John Obi Mikel appeared in 119matches and scored five goals.
The former Arsenal player, Emmanuel Petit, assess The Gunners a huge opportunityby not disposing of asking some of the legends of the Club, such as Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, and as a coach.
“You are sometimes surprised by the decision of the career of some of the players after they didn’t play. I spoke to (Vieira) a few months ago before he headed to MLS, by being a representative from Manchester City in there, “says Petit.
“I said, very surprised, Manchester City can give you an offer that is very close to the identity of Arsenal at their Academy. In my opinion, Arsenal missed a great opportunity, because there are some great players who have gone: Nicolaas Bergkamp in Ajax, Henry in Belgium, “he added.304
Nicolaas Bergkamp and Henry still knitting career as a coaching staff, while Vieira is already the primary coach‘s status as New York City FC. Although considered has not been able to bring New York City FC perform optimally, Petit assess Vieira has already done its job quite well.
There are a lot of a quarterback who could be a great coach. He (Vieira) has always been a leader in the field, and he has personally that can make it continue to thriveon its own, not because of the pressed situation around, “said Petit.
Arsene Wenger still bound by contract at Arsenal until June 30, 2017. Since joining in 1996, Arsene Wenger has had 15 titles, including three Premier League trophy in 1998, 2002, and 2004.

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