Arsenal could be good news reserved Hector Bellerin

The former Tottenham Hotspur Manager, Harry Redknapp, reveals almost bring in Luis Suarez and Eden Hazard to White Hart Lane.
I became coach of Tottenham and we can be a contender is often in the hunt for the title. I really believe it. If that time we decided to look for new players and invest, then Luis Suarez was the player we wanted, “said Redknapp told talkSPORT.
However, Redknapp‘s dream of securing the services of Suarez failed. Uruguay midfielder that prefers to join Liverpool in January 2011.
Reserved Hazard, Redknapp recalls her another step to secure the player‘s serviceson stock transfers summer 2011.
I met with the Hazard and spent three hours in a hotel in Paris. I then met again with him at the airport and he was very interested to join Tottenham, Redknapp recalled.
However, this time the dream of return Redkanpp fails after Hazard decided to jointhe new Chelsea won the Champions League 2011-2012. Redknapp else assess if I can secure the Spurs two names can be sure the origin of the North London Club was becoming a serious challenger to Premier League.304
“If at that time we were able to get one of those, maybe we have a team that can compete in the hunt for the title,” said the 69 year old man.
Harry Redkanpp was fired on June 13, 2012. It happened after Tottenham Hotspur failed to advance to the Champions League although finis in position four Premier League standings 2011-2012. Chelsea are when it finish in sixth position took a ration of Tottenham because of status as defending champion.
Arsenal Defender Hector Bellerin, hoping to return to practice lightly on this week after claiming to cederanya recovery process went very well.
Hector Bellerin engkel injury against Tottenham Hotspur, 6 November 2016. After the match ended 1-1, Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, confirm, Hector Bellerin likelywould absent for four weeks.
However, it turns out that the recovery process of injury Hector Bellerin runs faster than expected. 21-year-old player was reported already can return to practice.
“It went very well. Better than I anticipated. It is very difficult to recover from the injury which is quite painful, “said Hector Bellerin.
“However, I will try to return to practice on this week and hopefully I can get back tothe field less than four weeks,” Hector Bellerin added.
His absence Hector Bellerin makes Arsene Wenger only has two options, namely Carl Jenkinson and Mathieu Debuchy. It’s just that, Mathieu Debuchy rumored injury when performed against Bournemouth.
Liverpool players, Emre Can enjoy central role, as a pillar of The Reds under the hosts Jurgen Klopp.
Until the 13th week, the 22-year-old midfielder has been featured as much as nine times and accounted for two touchdowns. Can be one of the 13 players The Reds who already contributed goals on the season.
Last season I would often appear as a midfielder. But now, Klopp gives me discretion to attack. I feel comfortable with the role, because it felt more challenged, “said Can.
Can come to Liverpool at the start of the 2014-15 season when The Reds still handled Brendan Rodgers. Under the control of Rodgers, Can more often played as a midfielder and a defender. But Klopp noticed more potential owned can. original Manager Germany the judge Can can play in any position.303
The number of positions played Can make it become a full player. The Germany midfielder was able to play just as good when survive and attack.
Emre Can is the one between Liverpool players ever face with Jurgen Klopp‘s team squads. Can never be the enemy of Klopp and when both are still playing in Germany‘s Bundesliga.
Can still remember his experience when facing Borussia Dortmund Bayern Munich player and Bayer Leverkusen.
I still remember how difficult facing a counter strategy-press belong to Dortmund.I feel very uncomfortable every dealing with Dortmund, we like can not master theball in a long time, “recalls Can.
Now it Can be part of a strategy he ever great Kloppagungkan while still performing in the Bundesliga. The Turkey bloodless player admitted it when giving a positive effect against Klopp development performance.
Can bet if The Reds can hit a target appeared in European competition in the upcoming season.
“We have a lot of time to experiment in practice sessions. If it is able to make use of this moment, we believe can bring The Reds back to appear in Europe in the upcoming season, “clearly Can.

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