Alexis Sanchez Satisfied Bring Arsenal Back Win

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, was satisfied it could help his team win 3-1 over theweekend at Bornemouth 13th match of the Premier League, on Sunday (27/11/1999). Moreover, these results make The Gunners back elections caused three points.


Entertain Bornemouth in the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal appeared with the formation of the 4-2-3-1. Alexis Sanchez-derived since the early acts as a spearhead in the strategy that applied to Arsene Wenger.


Sanchez was absent scored in the last two games in the Premier League appear impressive. Chile national team was a success Penggawa scored two goals, one each in the 12th minute and 90 + 1 ‘.


Arsenal finally managed to lock the victory with the score 3-1. In addition to Sanchez, a goal The Gunners scored Theo Walcott 53 minutes. Meanwhile, Bournemouth’ssingle goal into Callum Wilson 23 minutes.


These results make Arsenal back to pluck a victory. Earlier, London’s Gun squads play 1-1 draw by Tottenham Hotspur cons (6/2/2016) and Manchester United (19/2/2016) in the Premier League, as well as being held 2-2 Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League (24/11/1999).


“I am very pleased to be creating two goals in the game. But mentally teams are indeed being nicebagunya, “said Alexis.


“The Premier League is a tough League, but we can continue to advance. It is trouble for me and the team. Facing opponents such as Chelsea and man City in the Premier League which is being in the performance is good, is something that’s fun for me, “added Alexis.


This victory makes Arsenal remain in position four standings while the Premier League with a collection of 28 points. Meanwhile, AFC Bournemouth down to 11th position with a value of 15.


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, assess the child asuhnya has answered the doubtsof the public after a 3-1 victory over AFC Bournemouth in the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (27/11/1999).


“We played better during the match, but the Bournemouth also appeared good. They initiated the game with high intensity that made us have to increase the level of the game and in the second half we did that, “said Wenger.


Our players had to ask themselves the question of what happens because some draw to grab. However, we have responded to it, “said Wenger.


Arsenal‘s victory goal scored by Alexis Sanchez (12 ‘ and 90 + 1 ‘) and Theo Walcott(53 ‘). As for goals in Bournemouth into Callum Wilson of white dots in the 23rd minute.


This victory became the first three points earned Arsenal in November in the Premier League this season. In the previous two games, London’s Cannon only draw 1-1 against Tottenham Hotspur (6/2/2016) and Manchester United (19/11/1999).


An additional three points do not change the position of Arsenal in the Premier League standings table sementarara with a value of 28. Olivier Giroud and comrades left behind three numbers from Chelsea at the top of the standings.


Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, calling his team was determined to grab the Premier League trophy to 2016-2017. With a squad capable of great ambition, and Sanchez is convinced The Gunners are able to manifest it.


We played with the right mentality. We want to win everything and become a champion. In my opinion, we have more desire to achieve something big, that is, winning the Premier League, “said Sanchez.


“We‘re doing step by step in every game, but we are a great team and it is very ambitious, he continued.


Arsenal appeared impressive at the Premier League this season. After ingesting 3-4defeat of Liverpool in the first game, August 14, 2016, the London Gun squads have never swallow defeat in 12 matches, with details of the eight victories and fourdraw.

308On the weekend of the 13th match of the Premier League which took place at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (27/11/1999), Arsenal won 3-1 over Bournemouth. Alexis Sanchez scored two goals in the match, in the 12th minute and 90 + 1 ‘.


Meanwhile, one goal, The other Gunners Theo Walcott scored the single goal, while53 Bournemouth into Callum Wilson 23 minutes.


This result made tight competition keeps Arsenal reaching the Premier League trophy to 2016-2017. Arsene Wenger‘s Club is now ranked at four standings while the value of 28, or left behind three points from Chelsea who remain at the top of the standings.

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