Klopp: Liverpool Ready To Tack The Bus Parking

Chelsea, Eden Hazard, assessing the Manchester City and Liverpool are the two clubs that could potentially threaten The Blues in the Premier League title 2016-2017.
Until the 13th week, Chelsea are still top of the table while the Premier League with31 points, or superior single digits from Liverpool who occupies the second position. Meanwhile, Manchester City sits on third position with 29 points.
Manchester City and Liverpool. They are both good. If we want to remain here (top) until the end, we had to finish above them, “said Eden Hazard, when asked which clubs are potentially the greatest intercepted the pace of Chelsea.
Chelsea won seven consecutive matches since the defeat of Arsenal, in the Emirates,on September 24, 2016. Hazard any claims to be grateful to his colleagues can givepositive responses over a range of failings, including not qualifying for the European tournament this season.292
“It’s very good. (With Chelsea does not appear in the European tournaments) We have one week to prepare for the match and on the weekends, we know what to do when a match, “said Eden Hazard.
Former Liverpool captain who now works as a football observer, Jamie Redknapp, Arsenal Manager confessed to was surprised Arsene Wenger, recently installed a Alexis Sanchez as the spearhead.
Since joining Arsenal from Barcelona on July 10, 2014, Wenger always installing Sanchez at the position of the left wing. New this season, Wenger put Sanchez in the position of the striker, who was the original position that Chile-born players.
Sanchez was able to pay the trust Wenger to good use. 27 year old player that has so far created eight goals for London’s Cannon from 13 matches in all the event.
“Sanchez is currently already scoring eight goals in 13 matches. Last season, he scored only five goals from the same number of matches, “said Redknapp.
I was surprised He took this long to put Sanchez at the position of striker. It is the most appropriate position for him, Redknapp added.
Alexis Sanchez creating a pair of goals while Arsenal beat AFC Bournemouth 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (27/11/1999). Up to three figures it makes Arsenal are in fourth place while the Premier League standings with a package of 28 points.
Arsenal will have difficulty to beat Bournemouth if not for Sanchez. He was like dynamite. Two goals that he invented is the characteristic of Ian Wright, Redknapp dial plan.
Alexis Sanchez always make sure that he is in position and the appropriate time to create a goal,” said the son of Harry Redknapp that.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, insists his team are ready to face the team that implemented the strategy of parking the Bus, or the style survived in total.
Bus Parking strategies become its own phenomenon in the world of football. Generally, this strategy is carried out by teams under the Board to prevent the superiorityof top teams in attack.291This is done by the last two opponents Liverpool in the Premier League, 20162017, i.e., Southampton and Sunderland. The Reds currently noted as the most prolific team in the Premier League with 13 goals from 32 Pack of matches.
“I have no doubt this team is prepared to face the Bus Parking tactics. We have it alland only need be patient. If capable of scoring early in the game, we would have scored a second, third, and fourth, “said Klopp.
“When it failed to score quickly, the most important thing is you should not feel frustrated. That’s because we’re better. We managed a few times out of a situation like this, “he added.
Liverpool a 2-0 victory against Sunderland on the 13th match of the Premier League2016-2017 at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (26/11/1999). Up to three numbers makes The Reds remain in second position standings while with a pack of 30 numbers, lagged one point from Chelsea who are at the top.

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