Pogba Have Special Relationships with Ibrahimovic?

Paul Pogba official melakoni second debut for Manchester United (MU) competed against Southampton in the Premier League, advanced game Friday or Saturday(19/8/2016) early morning GMT. In that game, Pogba and his friends win 2-0 thanks to a pair of goals Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Any interesting views occurs when the Pogba was first celebrated touchdowns along with Ibrahimovic. It‘s increasingly asserted, ex players the Juventus did have a special friendship relationships with Ibrahimovic.


As already known, Pogba and Ibrahimovic had the same agent Mino Raiola, IE. The closeness they‘ve seen while enjoying dinner together in the United States.


After Pogba to join United, ensuring the Brazilian became one of the most expensive players welcoming players of the world. Pogba even had a special call for Ibrahimovic, the ‘ Thor ‘.


Kemesraan between both players are also visible from the uploads in a social mediaaccount Pogba. In the video uploaded the France players, Ibrahimovic looked jokedwith Pogba.


“Hi Pogba, now I will make you famous,” said Ibrahimovic.


In an interview after the match against Southampton, Ibrahimovic and Pogba back shows its proximity. Sweden striker says, he could have scored a hattrick, but does provide three Pogba. Ibrahimovic ever threaten or should give on Pogba next game.


In Exchange for not giving time, any Pobga then offered the Man of The Match trophy to Ibrahimovic.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, assess major factor 0-2 defeat The Reds from further action in Burnley, Premier League, at Turf Moor, Saturday (20/8/2016), becausePhilippe Coutinho and comrades less focus.


Goals Burnley Sam Vokes scored in the second minute and Andre Gray (37 ‘). For Liverpool, this is Prime‘s defeat in the Premier League after 17 2016-at the previous game they managed to beat Arsenal, 4-3, Sunday (14/8/2016).


“It was a difficult match for us. We often lose the ball at the wrong time, at the time of open space, counterattacks, and counterpressing, “said Klopp, after the match.


The first goal (Burnley) was behind the attack. In the first half we lost confidence, maturity, and a bit of patience, the Manager of the origin of Germany was added.


According to the Premier League, Liverpool throughout the game, releasing five shots accurately from a total of 26 attempts, with mastery of the ball 80 percent. As forBurnley created two chances of gold from three experiments.


“We lost the match, with capable of mastering nearly 80 percent possession. However, there are many different ways to play soccer and it is clearly not a problem, “saidKlopp.


I respect the tactics used. However, in a match like this, we will win, if not make the mistake in time. Unfortunately, we did it. Now, we have to accept this result, “said Klopp.


Liverpool meanwhile was ranked ninth standings with three points from two games.In the next game, The Reds were to face Tottenham Hotspur, at White Hart Lane, Saturday (27/8/2016).


Arsenal played a goalless draw with Leicester City on advanced match Premier League 2016-17, at the King Power Stadium, Saturday or Sunday (21/8/2016) early morning GMT.


These results make the two teams remains stuck in mid-table Torres. The Gunners squad now occupies the 12th position with one point from two games, while the Riyad Mahrez and coauthors is ranked 14th with the same points.


Despite its status as the guest team, Arsenal are in fact able to suppress Leicester inthe early minutes of the match. Alexis Sanchez‘s efforts several times and Theo Walcott was able to involve a defence The Foxes raised Wes Morgan and Robert Huth.


In the 30th minute, for example, when Santi Cazorla almost makes the Morgan do own goal when want to anticipate cross Spain midfielder was lucky for Leicester, Kasper Schmeichel is capable of performing a sprightly shook off the ball in goal and Morgan that leads to the top right corner of the goal.


Leicester began to look bangkit after coming down to drink. The combination of Mahrez Vardy and Jamie had a chance to make the Arsenal Defender ketar-ketir in theearly minutes of the second half. On 48 minutes, goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal have to do rescue resounding when the bait ball Vardy.


Vardy back got a golden opportunity in the 70th minute. Alas, the ball striker kicks result United Kingdom, after utilizing errors the players behind The Gunners, still can be foiled Defender Laurent Koscielny who appeared sprightly cut dangerous movements of the opposing players.


Both teams exchanged attacks to enter buy and sell minutes late. However, a number of opportunities they earn can not be converted into goals.

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