Mihajlovic: Inzaghi Less Experienced

Touted as a potential coach of AC Milan, Sinisa Mihajlovic (46) were voiced reserveddecrease the performance of the Club. He believed the current team of architects from Milan, Filippo Inzaghi (41), too minimal experience.


Inzaghi? He was a close friend. The thing is, he still lacks experience. While I’ve been a coach for nine years, “said Mihajlovic which now deal with Sampdoria, as reported by La Repubblica.


Serbian origin man also acknowledged her likely would lift away from Sampdoria on a late season 2014/15. But he has not revealed whether it will join Milan or Naples as issues that santer circulating lately.


I’m not sure whether it will survive in the current position. But for a while, my future is not important. The most important thing is the last nine matches that must be traversed Sampdoria, “said Mihajlovic. (wta)


In an effort to continue major projects Juventus, Club parties now negotiating to extend the contract of two important figure behind their screen. They are the DirectorGeneral Giuseppe Marotta and Paratici Fabio Sports Director.


Marotta and Paratici is a very important figure of the two and plays for Juventus in maintaining and bringing in players. The return of Juventus as the best team in Italyafter tertendang to Serie B due to a case of One was also influenced by him.


This contract extension believed to be immediately carried out in the next week. Even media-media Italy like Calciomercato, Tuttosport, and La Gazzetta dello Sport believes that the Club will soon confirm the extension on Wednesday (15/4) local time.


It is also done Juventus after seeing there were gestures of interest from Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain to Marrota and Peratici. Both of them believed would soon sign a contract duration of three years.


Early career Marotta and Paratici at Juventus is not easy. Even though it had received a lot of criticism over the keputusan-keputusannya, both are now reaping a lot ofpraise from the Club’s support as well as Italy‘s football community.


In recent years, operation comeback Marotta and Paratici has brought glory for Juventus. An example is bring Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba to Turin for free and now animportant asset of the Club.


The future of coach Rafael Benitez this time indeed Central is at the tip of the Hornafter Italy was eliminated in the Coppa and threatened a total failure in Serei a. after a few replacement candidates name dirumorkan will be docked, is now the name ofWalter Mazzarri showed up.


This is quite surprising considering the former Napoli coach Mazzarri was who chose to leave Internazionale in July 2013. Chapter President Aurelio de Laurentiis least likes to bring in someone who has ever defended his team and had defected to other teams.


Nevertheless, Mazzarri was rumored to be one of the best options that are currentlyowned by Napoli. In addition to the already very about the team, the coach, 53-year-old that is a figure that most meritorious brought Il Partenopei became one ofthe best clubs in Italy at this time since the team in October 2009.


In addition, the strongest candidate Mazzarri to become coach of Napoli is currentlyLuciano Spalletti and Sampdoria coach Sinisa Mihajlovic,. However as rumored by Corriere dello Sport, Mazzarri has the greatest opportunity to return to join the San Paolo.


Subsequent displacement of many Naples Italy-Coppa in the semifinals after the champions Lazio with a score of 0-1 in the second leg of the game, making the fate ofcoach Rafael Benitez is at the tip of the Horn. Issues layoff more blows before his contract is finished.


Benitez had previously made the management of Naples dizziness due to failed to approve an extension of a contract that will expire in July 2015. But now conditions are precisely turned and cornering that Spain coach.


The decline Naples in nine appearances last game have made Il Partenopei threatened to fail to meet their targets at the end of the season. In addition to the loss of the title of the Coppa Italy as a main target to be maintained, now Gonzalo Dismissescs must be stranded in sixth position in the table of the Serie A standings.


This has led President Aurelio de Laurentiis to Benitez‘s chagrin. Entrepreneur’s film industry was showing signs of dipecatnya former Liverpool manager will be that in the near future.


We have a commitment with the fan and they now feel unhappy. If we do not soonchange the paths and the players can’t afford respect the jersey they wear since today until the end of the season, then they should undergo the centrality of training,“said De Laurentiis to Sport Italy.

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