Lazio to the Final Because the King of Coppa Italy

The success of Juventus advance to Cup final Italy strengthen their squads in the trigelar echo. Local media even began to travel toward the Bianconeri I proclaimed that the treble this season with Inter team 2009/10.


At that time, Inter qualified for the fall phase as teams ranked second best in the group after Barcelona. This season, Juventus also through the Group round as runner-up under the other teams Atletico Madrid, Spain. In round 16 of the 2009/10 UEFA Champions League finalists Inter ejecting two seasons earlier, Chelsea.


An interesting coincidence because Arsenal get rid of Borussia Dortmund, who was also a finalist in the past two editions LC! Entering the quarterfinals, Inter face a black horse origin team Russia, CSKA Moskva. The status of Monaco, rival Juventus this season, can also be equated with CSKA as tim gravel penjegal giants.


The success of Juventus advance to Cup final Italy strengthen their squads in the trigelar echo. Local media even began to travel toward the Bianconeri I proclaimed that the treble this season with Inter team 2009/10.


Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, believes his team stayed the extra four victories needed to secure the scudetto 2014/15. In the final of the Coppa Italy, Juventus is also confident it can cope with Lazio. The most rugged travel to chase three titles appear in the UEFA Champions League (LC).


The new preparing the Bianconeri‘s first quarter-final duel melakoni cons Team France, Monaco (14/4). This means that Carlos Tevez cs. still have to melakoni four extraparty before the final of the European club scene tracing the terakbar it.


Reserved sign on the LC, Juventus may be optimistic to imitate the steps The ardentrivals Inter from the city of Milano that the only team capable of Italy prestigious trigelar in the elections caused a season: Serie A, Coppa, and UEFA Champions League. The interesting thing is that Juventus travels in LC this season is similar to Inter 2009/10.


Speaking of the best players at Juventus, Roberto Pereyra be referred to one of them. 24 year old Argentina midfielder was a key tactic in transition coach Massimiliano Allegri at the moment a number of flagship player injuries.


Pereyra performed okay running role as a striker in the pattern of holes 4-3-1-2 or replace Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba as one of the three central midfielders in scheme 3-5-2. If want to use synthetic pitch system 4-33, Pereyra provides an option in the post winger.


His ability is assessed is increasing rapidly since joining Juve in last summer on loanfrom Udinese. Now Pereyra scored four goals and four assists from 37 parties in various event made Juventus. In fact, he was previously the most just scored five goals in a season (2012/13).


It into consideration Juventus immediately signed her permanently. The Club have to pay 14 million euros in cash (193.6 billion rupiah) to Udinese to have Pereyra in full. The number was not yet counting numbers bonus up to 1.5 million euro. See the contributions so far, up Pereyra to continue to wear the costume Juventus is very open.


Roberto is increasing in terms of creative goals, techniques of the game, and offer an alternative on the front-line. He has become an important player create us, “saidAllegri


Lazio successfully advance to Cup final Italy thanks to a 1-0 victory at home to Napoli, Wednesday (8/4). Results in the second semifinal match of the Coppa Italy it tookLazio to the Summit with a 2-1 aggregate advantage over Napoli.


The decisive victory at home to Napoli, Lazio, the defending champion Italy Cup, Senad Lulic wing is. Bosnian players were deflecting the direction of ball posts incoming to Anderson Felipe Napoli match entered the last 11 minutes.


By the public of Lazio, Lulic nicknamed il re di coppa aka the King of the Coppa. Since joining Lazio, he scored two goals in this scene, but entirely worth the crucial. Before you take his team to the finals this season, the single goal Lulic bear Cup trophyItaly 2012/13 when facing Roma in the Party Summit.


“Moments against Roma will not happen again, but I’m very happy to get back to the finals. Juventus? They are the strongest team in Italy, but we are not afraid, “Lulic said.

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