The price of the Juventus Squad 39 times that of Crotone

There is a glimmer of facts that may aspects influenced the decision of Juventus recruit Gonzalo Dismisses. It turns out the players Argentina have great contributions.
The Argentina players have proven to be unreliable as a sourceI called team goals.Check out the course record 82 touchdowns of 9 “Tango dancer in the history of the Club.
Armed with that, Argentina occupies the second place for a foreign country contributor scorer for Juventus. On it, there’s a France that sends 21 players and 340 goals.
Positive trend in the Argentina players Juventus started the summer of 2013, whenCarlos Tevez joining from Manchester City.
Before that, there were five players the Juventus career in Argentina. However, theyaccounted for just 3 goals for I Bianconeri.277
In contrast to his predecessor, Frank thus appear productive scoring 50 goals in 96matches. He was recorded as tersubur in the history of Argentina players of Juventus.
Given the success of Tevez, Juventus seems addicted to recruit players of Argentina.They repeat it against Roberto Pereyra in 2014 and Paulo Dybala a year later.
As a result, Pereryra contributed 6 goals. As for Dybala straight scoring 23 goals in his first season in Turin.
Dismisses? Huge burden shouldered printer 71 goals in Serie A that. However, the history of Tevez and Dybala could toss asa Dismisses.
What’s more, the process of adaptation Time can be assisted directly by Dybala. These two names are projected as a Duet in front-line I Bianconeri.
“I am looking forward to playing with Dybala. We previously had known each other in the national team. He said that Juventus is a great team and a great family, “saidDismisses to Sky Italy.
The arrival of Gonzalo Juventus squad making Dismisses the more luxurious. According to Transfermarkt, the market value of the team called the I-it reached 508 million euros (around Rp 7.3 trillion).
Time itself has a market value of 65 million euros or less a 15 million euro of money paid to Juventus Napoli.
Argentina striker it became the most expensive player in the Juventus squad after Paul Pogba. Last name worth 70 million euros.
Thanks to the presence of 2, Juventus is at once widened the gap with 19 other Serie A contestant.
Try to compare them with Crotone, which has the cheapest squad in Italy‘s top tier. A total of 24 players Crotone only appreciated 13.03 million euro or 1/39 of the Juventus squad.
The gap is also seen when tracing the price the squad‘s top teams. Below there is Juventus, Napoli and Inter Milan.
Napoli squad worth 271.2 million euros, while Inter Milan 270.7 million euros. That is, the price of the last two teams squad nearly half of Juventus.
The gap is so big it takes part is recognized ex Juventus players, Simone Padoin. According to him, the sixth team to consecutively would earn by Massimiliano Allegri forces easily.
“They will win the title again in December,” said Padoin.
As for the coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Torino, predicts that Juventus would win 36 matches from a total of 38 League games.
“Only, not so with two games against us,” said the former AC Milan architect of it.
Usher also dismisses Juventus kian meeting with European giants teams. There are only six European teams that have more expensive squad from Juventus.
They are the Real Madrid (783.3 million euro), Barcelona (767.5 million euro), Bayern Munich (582.15 million euro), Chelsea (560.8 million euro), Manchester City (541.5 million euro) and Atletico Madrid (523.8 million euro).
The luxury of the Juventus squad while jacked up Serie prestige in Europe. Serie A champion 2015-2016 it looks more superior than other big League two champions, Leicester City and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).
So, there is no more reason for Juventus to feel inadequate when competing against European giants in the Champions League.
The defeat 0-1 from Ciamis PSGC increasingly difficult steps Exactly Solo on Indonesia Soccer Tournament Championship (ISC) b. How is not Exactly new, collecting seven points and ranked sixth or second from bottom in the standings of Group 3.
Exactly the already lagging seven points from the Cilacap PSCS tops the standings. Exactly it should work ekstrakeras if you want to qualify for the round of 16.
Our chances of getting thin. But the slightest opportunity, we still seek to exploit it.Of course there is still hope for exactly. So, we will throw in the towel yet, “Coach Widiantoro demolished.278
Exactly will face crucial matches against Persika Falkirk in a follow-up tournament. Perform a home fixture at the stadium Manahan, Solo, Sunday (31/7/2016), should be able to grab the three points. When the return fails, the opportunity passes Exactlymakin the weight.
There is no other choice but to win if you want to keep the rivalry. So, we have to get three points in this cage matches, “he said.
Exactly not ascertained will add its own players. Because the losing team vest.

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