Mou Versus The Referee Again!

Probably not a Jose Mourinho his name if not fond of controversial statements the catapult. Origin of Portugal Manager who is now bound to a contract with Manchester United, it again became the spotlight due to the utterance reserved referee.
Author: Wieta Rachamatia
Before the NorthWest Derby between Liverpool counter Manchester United (17/10), the Mou had commented on the performance of referee Anthony Taylor who was assigned to lead the game.
I think Taylor is a very good referee. However, I think there is someone with the intention of pressing him so hard for him to show a good performance, “Mourinho said as reported by the Daily Mail.
Whatever the intent of the words spoken from the mouth of Mourinho. Certainly, Manager beru sia this year’s 53 kudu mengkla rifi kasi the statement to United Kingdom Football Association (FA).
FA party wants Mourinho gave an explanation in detail of the reasons why her givesuch statements ahead of one of the most heated duel in the Premier League.
Mourinho get time until Friday (9/10) six o’clock of the afternoon local time to givehis argument. After that, the FA would take the decision to impose sanctions or notagainst him.272
In the United Kingdom there are special rules that prohibit football club managers comment on the referee before the game starts.
Not for the first time, Mourinho received sanctions from the FA. During the two periods as Manager of Chelsea, Mourinho has paid total fines of as much as 230 thousand pounds or the current equivalent of 3.6 billion rupiah due to inappropriate utterances.
The List Of Violations Of The Mou
Here are a few violations never performed during Jose Mourinho became Manager in the Premier League.
1. October 19, 2013: Referee Anthony Taylor asked Mourinho left the field and sitting in the stands of spectators in the middle game cons Cardiff. He is accused of doing inappropriate actions and fined eight thousand pounds.
2. March 15, 2014: Mourinho was expelled from the pitch by the referee Chris Foy in the party against Aston Villa. He was fined eight thousand pounds plus a strong warning from the FA.
3. April 19, 2014: Mourinho catapult satire against referee Mike Dean and head of referee Mike Riley after Chelsea lost to Sunderland. Fined ten thousand pounds, Mourinho appealed.
4. December 28, 2014: Claiming the existence of a plan to topple Chelsea after The Blues being held 1-1 draw by Southampton. Fined 25 thousand pounds, Mourinho appealed.
5. October 3, 2015: Criticizing referee Robert Madley in party against Southampton.A fine of 50 thousand pounds plus a ban on performing one party. Mourinho‘s appeal, but was rejected.
4. October 24, 2015: Mourinho was sent off from the field in the middle of a match against West Ham because it confronted referee Jonathan Moss. 40 thousand pounds in fines and a ban on performing.
Draw against Manchester United at the weekend leaving the eighth lesson is important for Liverpool about the effectiveness of the mastery of the game. There should be a correction when The Reds meet West Bromwich Albion at Anfi eld on Saturday (22/10/1999).
Author: Rinaldi?
Correction to do Liverpool is to be a winner, a team doesn’t always have to be superior in possession.
While entertain United at Anfield Stadium, ball possession possession Liverpool reaching aka 65 percent, but did not produce a victory.
This record became burlesque coach United, Jose Mourinho, when comparing the number of ball mastery between Manchester United with Liverpool on the action.
Liverpool have control of the match reached 65 percent. Should the conditions thatmake Liverpool to be criticized. It’s their problem, not our problem, “said Mourinho.
Coach Juergen Klopp, Liverpool, actually claims to be disappointed by that fact.
Therefore, in the face of continued action on Bromine West Premier League, Germany coach emphasizes mastery of numbers so that the ball is directly proportional tothe goal.
Klopp not mess with his expectations. Because the reds often have difficulty in trying major team mid-table fourth experienced pemainpemain.
In the last three meetings against West Bromwich in the EPL, The Reds always ended the game with a draw.
In addition, the graph of the West Central Bromine increases with incised results went undefeated in its last four matches they play.
Plus the fact withstand a large Club Tottenham Hotspur draw on last week, clearly adds to the confidence the troops of West Bromwich.
A Trio Of Goals
Potential for Liverpool is very wide open to add to his tally of three figures when they edged past West Bromine.
In the eyes of legendary striker Alan Shearer, the United Kingdom, the key to victorylies on the shoulders of future front-line trio of Liverpool, that Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, and Sadio Mane.

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