Terms In Futsal

Why should know the terms in futsal? Right main futsal just make entertainment and leisure only. Unconsciously, when we played futsal though just for fun, there are some terms in which we often use futsal (generally similar to the term in football). If they don’t believe, please see futsal terms below alphabetically (updated 17-Mar-2015).

Ankle Support is the usual equipment used to minimize injury to the ankle so that not a lot of experience movement and is in lieu of bebat.

Artificial Grass (Synthetic Grass) is one type of futsal field made of artificial grass (synthetic). Commonly called field mini soccer/indoor soccer. (See also: types of Futsal Pitches)


Assist is the feed ball that produce goals.

Backheel is kicking the ball with the heel.

Backpass is given three players back to the goalkeeper after goalie gives time to players into one team.

Banana Kick is a kick curved (like a banana)

Barehand in English means empty hand. This term is given to a futsal goalkeeper did not use gloves.

Beetwen The Line is the action of attacking where attackers looking for space between midfield.

Defender (Defender) player who is closest to the goal of their own. A typical player Defender is usually good at reading the ball and have a strong physique.

Bicycle Kick/Scissors Kick is a kick kicker, cutting out jumping into the air and then dropped back and kicking the ball past the head.

The blind Side Run is when the players move without the ball outside the radar of other players

The blind Pass is a pass the ball without looking towards friends.

Blunder is a mistake committed by players which resulted in harmful things for his team.

Body Contact is a contact that occurs in the form of a clash, a tackle or you met each other among the players.

BFN is an agency of the national Futsal

Chipping was kicking movement/toss the ball with the toe kick accuracy prefer without using the power and speed of a kick. (see also: basic techniques of Chipping)

Cleansheet is a term used when the goal of the team is not conceded.

Communication is communication between players as well as coaches, this includes the important thing in building teamwork.

Controlling is the ability of the player receiving the ball, whether it’s using the lower leg or foot can also use the outside or the inside. (see also: basic techniques of Controlling)

Corner Kick (kick Corner or angle kick) is happening when our team players touched the ball before the ball out of the field, a strip against the side of the goal.

Counter Attack is an attack performed by quickly harnessing the kelengahan opposing team when they’re attacked, we list the regular acquainted with counterattacks.

Deflect is an event where kicks from opposing players hit our team players or players of the opposing team itself so the ball changed direction.

Dekker is a useful equipment to protect our Shins from various collision.

Delay is one term for the occurrence stalling game.

Direct Free Kick (a direct free kick) was one decision from the referee, where the ball may be kicked straight into the direction of the goal or one touch and legitimate as the goal if it went into the goal.

Dive is one way that is done by a goalie goal to protect futsal with flopping towards the ball well to catch the ball or shook off the ball.

Diving is a term that refers to the Act of a player who pretends to fall and pain after receiving the treatment either intentionally or accidentally from your opponent. Regular players so that the diving conducted his team get an advantage in the form of free kick, penalty kick, even the issue of opposing players who considered roughing up players who do the diving.

Dribbling is the ability of the player in possession, either by walking, running, turn or spin without can be captured by the opponent (see also: Basic Dribbling Technique)

A drop Kick is a kick done by intended for futsal goalkeeper scored a goal or to throw the ball. However, there are special provisions in doing so i.e. must be in the Open position of the ball or Play live and goalkeeper given only 4 seconds.

Elbow Pad (Protective elbow) futsal goalkeeper equipment is one that serves to protect the elbow of friction/clash against the field.

Elbow Support the fumgsinya futsal equipment is almost the same as the usefulness of the Elbow Pad but don’t have the foam.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the International Football Federation is an international Manager for football and futsal.

Finger Save is a technology found in the useful goalkeeper gloves to protect fingers from injuries (sprains, keplitek, kecengklak, etc.) and shaped plate is rather thick along the toll roads.

Finger Tape is useful for goalkeeper gear to protect fingers from injury there are made of rubber and some are shaped plaster. Commonly used by the futsal goalkeeper Bare Hand (Futsal Goalkeeper Without Gloves).

Foul is the term breach in futsal, and if one team has done 5 times then the offence, if the offence lawannnya to team-6, the opposing team is entitled to a prize of a Second Penalty.

Full Finger goalkeeper glove types are in General, where all the fingers are covered in full.

Goalkeeper (Keeper or Keeper) is the player whose job securing the goal from the onset. (See also: article on Goalie)

Goal Throw (Throw the net) is the roll should be carried out by goalkeeper futsal to re-start the game. Likening Goal Kick sport football.

Gloves (Gloves Goalie) equipment is commonly used by a goalkeeper, futsal goalkeeper or goalie is good football. With a variety of purposes of use, neither to minimize injury to the finger or so catches more sticky.

Half Finger is one type of gloves are open only on the fingertips, so cengkram against power ball is not reduced.

Handling is the term for a goalie is defined as ability to catch the ball.

Hands Ball is one form of infringement in the sport of futsal, which occurs when the player touches the ball either intentionally or not and hand in a State of active.

Indirect Free Kick (an indirect free kick) was one of the decisions of the referee giving a free-kick, in which the kicker may not do a direct kick into the goal post and when the ball is on because the immediate kick without touching opposing players or without first committing time to friends then if you sign in to the net is not considered a goal.

Insole in shoes that are a part of our regular Stampede.

Indoor (indoor) futsal field is located in the building or room.

See & do is a term to describe the type of field futsal who use plastic material and shaped puzzle that can be disassembled pairs.

Jersey (Costume) is the designation for the costume team and also a goalie must be different costumes with costume players, usually differentiated in terms of color.

Kasper is the abbreviation of the community of Futsal Goalkeeper Kaskus. One of the communities of Kaskus whose members contains futsal goalkeeper-goalkeeper. A lot of info science as well as tips on futsal goalkeeper in this forum.

Kick In (Kick) is performed when the ball kicks that left the side area of the field (Out). This kick must be done in a State of rest, the ball is not bouncing, not scrolling as well as the position of the ball right on the line. The position of the kicker and his feet must be off the field.

Kick Off is a kick to start the game from the midpoint of the field. Based on the latest FIFA regulations, kick kick off time is passing and indirect kick from kick off must point to the area of the opponent should not be to the area itself.

Knee Pad (Knee Protector) is a goalkeeper for futsal equipment to protect knees from banging as well as friction with the field that can cause injuries.

Knee Support is the goalie equipment has more or less the same as the Knee Pad, but without the foam. Can also be used for players who suffered injuries on his knee.

Liga Futsal Indonesia-LFI/National Futsal League (Indonesia Futsal League-IFL, United Kingdom) is the main competition of futsal at the national level in Indonesia organized by the Agency of the national Futsal LEAGUE.

L Position is a position that is commonly carried out by goalkeeper futsal when being in the position of one on one with opposing players, where the position of the knee of one foot down as was about to touch the ground and hands are stretched to the side of the body.

LaTeX is a material surface on the Palm goalkeeper gloves (gloves).

Last Man Standing is a term for a goalkeeper and the ordinary becomes the motto of the founder of the TS Community Futsal Goalkeeper Kaskus (KasPer)

Man Of The Match was awarded to the player who has performed and contributed the maximum to his team in a match.

M Position is one of the usual position of the goalkeeper when one on one with opposing players, where the position of the legs and the body being docked and hands are stretched to the right and to the left like the feet on the letter M.

Nutmeg is one trick past opponents with the ball way past the crotch between the opponents, In general in Indonesia call “Ngolongin”

One on One is a situation where the position of the goalkeeper are dealing one-on-one with opposing players.

Outdoor futsal field is located outdoors, or opposed.

The outsole is a term for the bottom of the shoe or the shoe tread. We refer to the shoe soles only.

Passing is the pass the ball to other colleagues in one team. (see also: basic techniques Passing)

Parquette (Parakeet) is one type of a futsal pitch their material made from wood.

Penalty (Penalty) is a penalty given the referee when the violation occurs in the Beltway area futsal goalkeeper.269

Play On is a State based on the decision of the referee, where the game persists due to the favourable position of being on the team that holds the ball. Although the team holds the ball before violated by the opposing team.

Read also: http://www.GOSportee.com

Positioning is a form of term ability of a goalkeeper in place themselves, which are closing the lanes as well as minimize the ball by doing a dive. This ability is quite vital. Where the size of the small and futsal goal not too require excess leaps to close it.

Punch (Punch) is a way in securing the goal, by punching the ball. Wont to do if unfavorable position to catch the ball.

Power Play is a tactic used by a team by pulling out the goalie and replace him with a player again. It usually happens on a team that was trying to pursue failed. Where is the 5th player to play in the opponent’s territory area

Pressing is a word that has a basic word pressure or pressing. This is one of the tactics in which one of the futsal team do when the opposing pressure build up attacks, even pressure to the opposing area done. This is done so that your opponents get confused and panicked.

Reflex (Reflex) is a rapid motion that occurs without us even realizing in playing futsal.

Reaction (the reaction) is rapid movement that occurs in a conscious state and because it is constantly trained against giving rise to habits that have been trained.

Rotation (Rotation) is rotation movement of a futsal player continuously, so that all players spin (rotate) throughout the game. This is to outwit the opposing team when the opponents are holding out.

Rush is the goalie, where it refers to the movement of the advancing goalkeeper to cut off the ball with a State body shall (flopped), we call “ngesot”. To do this it takes bravery (courage) because of the way this is also at high risk against the clash of opposing players with legs that could lead to injury.

Save is a term that means the rescue performed by goalkeeper futsal.

The second Penalty is a penalty that is given to a team, when one is already doing a foul as much as 5 times. And a foul on the second penalty will occur. The position of the point of the second penalty is 10 m from the midpoint between the two goalposts (international standards).

Shin Guard language generally “deker”, this is a useful equipment to protect our Shins from various collision.

Shooting is kick the opponent to create goals. (see also: basic techniques of Shooting)

Shoot Stopping is a technique a goalkeeper to stop the shot from the player. Or it could be dismissed with block legs.

The system is Attacking the rules and principles of how a team perform the attack. Usually use the formation of 4-0, 3-1, 2-2.

Stretching (Warming) important things done before beginning an exercise or a play that is useful to minimize injury.

Taraflex is one type of the futsal field have materials from polyethylene (plastic)

It is one way to stop the movement of opposing players or take the ball from opposing players, but in futsal this is prohibited and can be given a punishment in the form of foul.

Team Mates is a term for players who are in one of the team

Throw (Throw) is one way to start the game again (Goal Throw) when the ball is in the mastery of the goalkeeper.

Turf is the kind of shoe that has a futsal or commonly called out with a pull short. Usually used on synthetic grass pitch/artificial grass.

Under Pressure are the instances when a player or team in a pressure. Pressingyang done well because the opposing team, or because a supporter of the opponent.

Vinyl is a type of material from the futsal field resembles a field called rubber and rubber.

W Position is the position of the hand, rather the position finger thumb and forefinger between the right and left hands are fused to form the shape of the letter W

Well, a lot of right the above terms we often use? Other terms can add to our knowledge in playing futsal.

Many more terms I do not enter. I will continue to update the above information to all colleagues.


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